About Sama Cairo

The city includes residential buildings with outside luxurious  architectural facades and classy finishing entrances, overlooking green areas and provide the city with all the necessities of their residents and the facilities which are : Social club, a huge commercial mall, a school, medical clinic, a mosque and a contemporary administrative buildings.

This project is planned to contain:

1-    88 residential buildings whose flats' areas have prepared precisely to fit all clients requirements who desire to book. The choice of buildings location, their varied heights, the forms of their facades and the types of finishing was made carefully to be in a harmony with the nature of the location to make Sama City a unique and distinct in the construction world.

2-    9 resident buildings with ground height + nine floors & ground height + 11 floors

3-    The project contains 2 administrative buildings with ground height and 11 floors with suitable areas for the user because of the greatness of their location on the Ring Road.

4-    A huge commercial mall with ground height + 11 floors. The mall is prepared in conformity with the commercial & administrative internationally known companies.

5-    A mosque and medical center, a school and social club to provide medical educational and social services for the city of Sama City.